Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chris Cornell: From Edgy to Sketchy

I loved Chris Cornell the moment he hit the Seattle grunge scene with his band Soundgarden. He got even better with Audioslave, a band which I adored for a few short years before they split. Now he's on his own and his latest offering is not living up to expectations. He definitely a singer's singer, a true crooner, but his new album leaves a lot to be desired. Here's hoping he returns to his roots and the original stylings that made him such a star. Audioslave is definitely my most-played on the iPod, and it's due in large part to the talents of Chris Cornell.


Christopher Bigelow said...

I'm a fan too. Soundgarden was my favorite grunge band, better than Nirvana or PJ (and A in C was my second favorite). And I thought each Audioslave album was better than the last. Haven't tried his solo stuff, though, because people have said it's bad, including you.

Derek Jordan said...

Audioslave is the most played music on my iPod as well. Especially the third album, Relevations. I wish they would have continued. Those songs are literally some of the strongest recordings there are.